We do conduct courses for overseas college students who are interested to learn Teeline shorthand as a note-taking tool.

The course fee does not include accommodation. However, we can arrange for it upon request.

Target audience:     overseas college students
Class size:     minimum 20 students
Duration:     6 days
Timing:     9 – 5 pm
Frequency:     2 intakes a year


  1. Teeline theory
  2. Common words and vocabulary
  3. Word groupings
  4. Dictation
  5. Transcription
  6. Techniques on note-taking
  7. Speed building
  8. Assignments

If you require details of the above components, we will be pleased to send them to you on request.

A certificate for successful completion of the said course is issued to students at the end of the workshop.

Course fee:     S$900.00 (includes books and handouts)
Registration fee:     S$20.00


Learning outcomes 1:

At the end of the training, Teeline novices will:

  • Acquire the fundamentals of Teeline theory
  • Write Teeline for English common words and vocabulary
  • Use sporadic shorthand for note-taking
  • Know how to write new words and customise their own Teeline
  • Experience the challenge as well as satisfaction of learning shorthand


Learning outcomes 2:

Continual practice and regular application will lead to successful mastery of Teeline and practitioners will be able to:

  • Use Teeline as a useful note-taking tool
  • Take notes more efficiently and effectively
  • Expand one’s bank of shorthand repertoire
  • Customise one’s own shorthand outlines for any word
  • Listen and concentrate better
  • Think and write faster
  • Execute other activities meticulously and persistently
  • Feel a sense of gratification from learning and using a new language, a skill for life
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