Contemporary Teeline is ideal for students and working adults and perfect for self-study. You will derive enjoyment and satisfaction from using shorthand immediately, and the skills in this book will be invaluable forever. The Contemporary Teeline Learning Package, which includes the textbook, workbook, answer key and free shorthand pad

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The three books in the activity package: Starter, Explorer and Achiever are packed with fun, interesting and thought-provoking activities and colouring pages to inspire young learners.   Written in a user-friendly approach, with answers to the activities included, the activity package is ideal for primary, secondary, college and tertiary students as well as working adults and is perfect for mother-and-child use, self-study, group learning as well as classroom application.

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The Contemporary Teeline Wordbook is an indispensable companion for the Teeline writer.

Consisting more than 2,800 outlines representing English common words and current vocabulary, the compilation also include a chapter on advance writing techniques and a special section on new words.

Although the Wordbook does not claim to be comprehensive, however, by studying the outlines therein, practitioners are guided towards creating Teeline for similar longhand words by applying the same theories. Technically, any English word can be satisfactorily written in Teeline.

This book is no less a helpful resource providing novices a bank of shorthand repertoire that facilitates speed writing as well as advancement in the subject.

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