New Teeline Shorthand Books!


Hello Writer has launched the Contemporary Teeline Learning Package – a set of textbook and workbook with answer key.

We live in a digital age facilitated by sophisticated machines and gadgets, and our brains are becoming increasingly passive. Picking up a new skill such as Teeline enhances manual dexterity and mental agility.

Learning Contemporary Teeline is rewarding.  Shorthand is very different from other academic studies. It is more like sport or fitness training and as you race to get all the words you want down on paper, your mind is never sluggish.  Besides being an invaluable note-taking tool, Teeline conditions writers to pay attention to the small details, and they ultimately transfer the same mindset and attitude to other activities.  For good reason, shorthand writers are perceived as people with good English skills, longer attention span than the average, solid concentration and sharp learning.

Contemporary Teeline is ideal for students and working adults and perfect for self-study.   You will derive enjoyment and satisfaction from using shorthand immediately, and the skills you acquire from these books will be invaluable forever.

Purchase the Contemporary Teeline Learning Package at only SG$35.  Free shipping within Singapore and for overseas orders, shipping charges will apply.

Email us your order today and we will reply with a Paypal Invoice and promise prompt shipment via registered mail.

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