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The Contemporary Teeline Learning Package is created for today’s shorthand learners – both students and working adults.  The Package consists of the following four items:


The Textbook

The textbook depicts the theory in a clear, concise and user-friendly approach and provides special outlines for common English words. In addition, a pool of word groupings is introduced in each module to aid speed writing. The contents of the book cater to modern vocabulary and current English usage, and users are prompted with useful tips that will lead them to successful mastery of the skill. Above all, the shorthand system is presented in a thoughtful sequence with emphasis on a light learning load and is therefore ideal for self-study apart from class use.


The Workbook

The Contemporary Teeline Workbook complements the textbook and offers initiation drills and modular practices to help learners consolidate the theory. Learners go through a series of constant revision with “theory checks” in each module and the challenging exercises clearly promote thinking and creativity in the learners. At the end of the book, there are a variety of interesting and relevant topics in Teeline. Last but not least, helpful guidelines for speed building and advancing Teeline are given in the final session.


Answer Key Booklet

A separate answer key booklet for the practice exercises in the workbook is included.


Hello Writer shorthand pad

 It is best to write your Teeline notes on ruled paper. A complimentary, ring-bound shorthand pad with ruled pages comes with your purchase of the textbook and notebook.


Is Contemporary Teeline for self-study?  Yes!

Some of us simply love to learn stuff by ourselves. We love the space, privacy and going solo; we love the exhilaration of the challenge, and when we succeed at it, we love the feeling of gratification. I am no exception.

At first glance, Teeline may appear mind-boggling, more so when you are acquiring it through self-study. This reaction is not uncommon when one comes face-to-face with any new situation.

In reality, Teeline is not an insurmountable subject if one is willing to invest time and sufficient effort to nurture it. This applies to all other skills as well – such as playing a game or a musical instrument. The advice is: be patient with yourself and avoid learning everything at one go!

If you intend to purchase Contemporary Teeline for self-study, here are the steps and guidelines:


1. The Textbook

First, study and analyse the Teeline letters depicted at the beginning of the textbook. This will give you an idea of how the symbols are formulated.  It is absolutely necessary at the outset to internalise these symbols by drilling them, spending some 40 minutes daily is more effective than long hours on a single day.


2. The Workbook

Next, proceed to the workbook section, “Initiation into Teeline”. Here, you are explained how the symbols are joined to form outlines. Practise these outlines daily and at the same time, you may start exploring and experimenting your own Teeline for simple words on a shorthand pad.


3. The Textbook: Module One

With the foundation work done, you are now ready to assimilate new Teeline concepts with more ease and readiness. Go to Module One of the textbook and then do the exercises in the workbook. Repeat the same procedure for the subsequent modules.


4. Revision and Practice

It may take you between two and six weeks to master, revise and internalize the theories and the workbook’s outlines.  Take time to inculcate the skill without rushing through.  As shorthand is mostly written in response to the spoken words, try making outlines in your head when you hear someone speaks. This regime helps to condition your mind in the “Teeline mode” while promoting creativity and mental agility.

You can record your own voice and write from dictation if you cannot get someone to read to you.


5. Discipline, Drive and Determination

You need discipline, drive and determination to do Teeline with self-study. Furthermore, using Teeline daily helps to cultivate confidence. The secret to success is: practice makes perfect. Speed comes with familiarity. Before long, it’s no surprise that this amazing symbolic writing system becomes your second nature!

Good luck in your endeavor!


goh soon jong, author of Contemporary Teeline


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