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The three books in the activity package: Starter, Explorer and Achiever are packed with fun, interesting and thought-provoking activities and colouring pages to inspire young learners.   Written in a user-friendly approach, with answers to the activities included, the activity package is ideal for primary, secondary, college and tertiary students as well as working adults and is perfect for mother-and-child use, self-study, group learning as well as classroom application.

Hello Writer has created the Contemporary Teeline Activity Package to give young and adult learners a refreshing language experience!

Among the amazing benefits shorthand brings to the individual practitioners, one of the most notable is that Teeline !shorthand is a skill for life and a useful note-taking tool for higher education as well as in any profession or workplace. Technically, using shorthand helps practitioners to write less and focus more, and the mind never gets sluggish.


Starter_100Starter, the first of the three books in the activity package, provides an initiation into Teeline. It introduces the Teeline symbols for the alphabets A-Z with clear instructions on writing and forming outlines, offers examples as well as tips for successful mastery and application of the skill.

Incorporated in this book are the language components of grammar (tenses, prepositions, connectors, editing, etc.), vocabulary (adjectives, idioms, similes, verbs, etc.), comprehension, poetry, among others. Together with a variety of engaging themes, the activities depicted therein have been deliberately planned to provoke thought and creativity in learners.



Explorer_100Explorer is the second book in the Activity Package.

In this book, students will learn about vowels: full vowels and vowel indicators and their respective applications. Like the English language, Teeline has five vowels which are A E I O U.

As with Starter, each unit in Explorer ends with practices which have been mindfully crafted with the integration of English components so that learners acquiring Teeline are also practising language concepts simultaneously. In addition, the final section culminates in some 16 illustrated worksheets depicting a range of interesting topics aimed at inspiring both enjoyment and challenge in learners.


Achiever_100This is the third book in the Activity Package.

It depicts theories on the blending of double consonants and vowels, prefixes and suffixes and accompanied practices that help consolidate the fundamentals of the Teeline system.

Packed with an amazing range of fun and interesting activities to inspire and promote creativity and thought in the learners, Achiever, like the two previous publications, also includes the current English usage with the acquisition of shorthand.

Special outlines for common words, as well as tips for writing and applying Teeline in daily lives, are interspersed in the three books.

Teeline Forward

In support of a Teeline learning community, Hello Writer is conducting briefings to help novices initiate into the subject. In addition, there are ongoing quizzes and competitions for students’ participation.

About the Author

Goh Soon Jong, the author of Contemporary Teeline Activity Package was a shorthand teacher with ATT Secretarius (a subsidiary of the Times Publishing Group), a top secretarial college in Singapore in the 1980s. During her 11-year stint, she had trained a number of award winners in the LCCI Private Secretary’s Certificate and Shorthand examinations at speeds of 80, 90 and 100wpm. Thereafter, she had worked with the Editorial Training Unit of Singapore Press Holdings for seven years, teaching probationer journalists Teeline at speeds of 100wpm and beyond.

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