Living in the midst of a digital age facilitated by sophisticated machines and gadgets has its downside: human beings have become complacent and their minds, sluggish.

Pragmatically speaking, it is impossible for future workplaces to be run by robots and advance technologies alone. Numerous jobs in offices, factories, educational institutions and publishing, to name a few, needs to be filled with emotional labour whereby initiative, intellect and thinking are imperative. In a sense, our present workforce must be equipped with skills to cope with the demands of the future world.   At Hello Writer, the skill we advocate and recommend is shorthand – an excellent intellectual discipline.

Hello Writer exists with the mission of promoting a shorthand learning community whereby people rely on their own skills and competence rather than technological devices to note down information. Our business philosophy has thus spurred us on to develop shorthand workshops for working adults and students.   We decided to teach a congenial shorthand system known as Teeline for the simple reason that it follows longhand spelling which everyone is already familiar with, hence is easy to learn and apply. In addition, the launch of our new books – the Contemporary Teeline Learning and Activity Packages and Wordbook are specially catered to attendees of our courses. Written in a user-friendly approach and with a light learning load, these books are also ideal for self-study apart from class use.

Our trainer is a qualified as well as passionate shorthand instructor with several years’ teaching experience in Pitman’s and Teeline shorthand to secretaries and administrators, students and journalists. Her workshops employ novel approaches and methodologies that engage and inspire learners and those who had attended invariably derived great satisfaction from their learning experiences.

In whichever way Teeline may serve you in the near future, may we welcome you to join us as a member of our shorthand fellowship!

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