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Teeline for Students

Note-taking is part and parcel of a student’s life. Unless you have the memory bank of a super computer, you need to take down notes to remember things…..

Teeline for Working Adults

For busy secretaries, administrators and professionals, shorthand saves time and is useful for jotting notes at meetings, discussions, drafting, planning and recording information, among others…

Personalise Teeline

Shorthand is your private and secret language; your shopping lists, to-do lists, telephone messages, diaries, confidential matters may be written in symbols!

Benefits of Teeline

Learning Teeline promotes mental dexterity and manual nimbleness, cultivates sharp hearing and meticulousness and enhances concentration span and memory…. Ultimately, the same mindset and attitude is transferred to other activities as well.



Teeline – the amazing note-taking tool that enables you to write less and focus more…


Teeline symbols

Teeline follows longhand spelling. The English language has 26 letters and there is a Teeline symbol for each.


Short Forms

Each Teeline letter represents a common English word. For instance, B stands for be; D for do/day; F for from; H for he; M for me; R for are…



Teeline symbols are joined together to form outlines. To aid fast writing, all unnecessary consonants and middle vowels are omitted.



Teeline is applicable anywhere: in schools, workplaces and at home. You can even jot down your favourite songs’ lyrics in shorthand or have fun teaching it to the young!



Shrink huge words you encounter frequently and make a Teeline outline for each or create special outlines for your needs.



Teeline is a skill, and like any other skills such as playing the piano, drawing or carpentry, proficiency is gained only by doing. The more you do, the better you get…  


Hello Writer! introduces Teeline Shorthand

The history of shorthand dates back a few hundred years.   People all over the world in China, Japan, Greece, Europe and America and United Kingdom had created their own shorthand systems which they used for writing books, recording of court proceedings, in journalism, secretarial and administration tasks, among others.

Technically, shorthand is an abbreviated symbolic writing method that increases speed and brevity of writing as compared to the common method of writing a language. Thus it is an invaluable note-taking tool.

Apart from enhancing one’s note-taking efficiency, renowned shorthand professor, Mr. W. Cury claimed that learning shorthand brings surprising benefits to the learner’s brain while other researchers found that its application over a sustained period of time helps cultivate positive attitudes and traits such as meticulousness, sharp hearing, diligence, memory, patience and intelligence, among others in learners.

Amidst the numerous shorthand systems that had been developed over the years, the most enduring system which is used in many English-speaking countries hitherto is Teeline. Invented by Mr. James Hill in 1968, one of his early slogans was:

“If you can write, you can write Teeline”

Considered a modern system of fast writing, Teeline follows longhand spelling which we are already familiar with, hence it is easy to learn and apply. For the same reason Hello Writer has embraced the Teeline system as a favoured note-taking tool.        

We appreciate the inherent values of shorthand and its relevance to the modern world. Our conviction has led us to conduct Teeline workshops for working professionals and students, guiding them through stages of creativity and unprecedented journeys of possibilities.  

While our teaching resources and methodologies are specially tailored to unleash the potential in every learner, our passionate trainers are dedicated to facilitate the mastery of the skill.    

We aspire to nurture a community of shorthand writers to meet the demands of academia and the challenges of future workplaces and invite you to join us for a gratifying experience with Teeline!


New Launch!

The Contemporary Teeline Wordbook

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Creative & Fun - The New Contemporary Teeline Activity Package!

ActivityBooks2RibbonThe three books in the activity package: Starter, Explorer and Achiever are packed with fun, interesting and thought-provoking activities and colouring pages to inspire young learners.   Written in a user-friendly approach, with answers to the activities included, the activity package is ideal for primary, secondary, college and tertiary...

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New Teeline Shorthand Books!

NewBooks2 Hello Writer has launched the Contemporary Teeline Learning Package – a set of textbook and workbook with answer key. We live in a digital age facilitated by sophisticated machines and gadgets, and our brains are becoming increasingly passive. Picking up a new skill such as Teeline enhances manual dexterity and mental...

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The Surprising Benefits of Shorthand for Your Brain

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